The great debate about abortion is When does human life begin? Of course I can’t answer that. However, I find it very ironic that in all likelihood the only true peace in our worldly existence is when we were in our mother’s womb. That probable heaven-on-earth nirvanic serenity gets rudely interrupted by the excruciating physical pain of our own birthing.

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Our first moments of life are so traumatic that we instinctively learn to cry. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from here–

We are born to try to rise to the top of a series of undefinable, changing set of goals. The most we receive by winning is an unsustainable expansion of our egos, temporary possession of impermanent objects and a chance to spin the wheel of destiny again. However losing is far easier to understand, you get less — less of everything. Therefore, we quickly learn the desire of winning with surprisingly little regard to the actual prize for ourselves and even less regard to how our actions affect other people.

Instead of confronting the harsh reality of this meaningless race– we build fantastical ideas to help us cope with this process. We get quite good at convincing ourselves that the very few worldly things that we possess are far more important than what they really are. And then, when we inevitability lose them, or even worse, lose our perceived value of them, we convince ourselves of the easier truth — it was never that important to begin with. However, we are not meant to be any other way.

Unfortunately — even if fulfilled our worldly wants can only give us a few fleeting moments of truly being content. Or shall we be slightly wiser to just skip our Desires and suffer right away?

Thus — so long as we Desire anything — an impossibility — we can never truly live in comfort or peace. Therefore– the first truth of our world is Suffering.